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Tiffany's Cheer & Dance Studio

 Experience a fun atmosphere focused on individualized attention!

Cheer/Tumbling Classes

Tiffany's offers cheer and tumbling classes for ages three and up! Individuals are placed according to age and level of ability. The cheer/tumbling combo class is a great way for girls to get started if they are interested in trying out for cheerleading or to enhance performance in other activities such as dance, diving, and any other sport that requires overall physical fitness. Tiffany's makes use of many tumbling aids such as incline mats, folding mats, tumbling barrels, tumble track, foam pits, and spring floor; all to help our students learn and perfect their tumbling skills.

Please read the following class descriptions and requirements carefully. Our staff will place your child in the level that fits them. The level not only ensures the student will receive the appropriate instruction for their skill level, but also enables classes to stay more productive because all students have similar skills, and will allow the student to progress their skills quickly and correctly.

Perfection before Progression!!

Tumbling Classes by Level/skills working on:

8 athletes allowed in one class. Many classes available through the week.

Please click on the link below to open our tumbling class info.

Tumbling Class Chart

Cheer/Tumbling Tots: This class is for ages 3-6 or beginners. This class is for the child who wants to be a cheerleader! No previous tumbling experience required. In this class the student will work on basic tumbling fundamentals and cheer fundamentals during the last 15 min of class. Skills learned: back-bend down and up, head stand, hand stand, cartwheel R and L, round-off, back-bend kick, hollow body position, arms by ears finish, and strength drills.The student must master a back-bend kick-over on the cheese and R/L Cartwheel to move on.

To see a list of our classes click on the Class Information Link at the top of the search bar.

Whatever age or level of ability, Tiffany will make sure your child is learning to their fullest potential in every class! All new students will be evaluated before class placement. If a child progresses in the middle of the year, Tiffany will move them up.   

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