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Tiffany's Cheer & Dance Studio

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The Dance Summit 2019

We've loved every minute of our journey

Dance Champions 3rd Place

Mini Hip Hop Placed 3rd place at the Dance Summit 2019 in Orlando, FL. This was our first Mini Hip Hop team to make it into finals and place top 3!

2019 Dance Summit & 2019 D2 Cheer Summit:

Mini Pom- 5th Place, Mini Hip Hop 3rd Place. Junior Pom & Junior Hip Hop Semi Finalists.

Cheer Champions: Youth Gems L2 & Senior 3 Coed Blue Diamonds.

2017-2018 Cheer Champions Season: D2 Summit for J2 Pink Royalty & S4 Lady Diamonds Both teams had a wonderful season and did great at the Summit! Thanks for the memories.

Another great season to remember for our Dance Champions teams. Mini Hip Hop placed 5th & Mini Pom placed 4th!!

Youth Dance Hip Hop also made it to the Summit & gave a great performance. They ended up 15 out of 27 teams from across the world!

Senior Hip Hop 2017 Worlds Team. First ever Paid Bid to the Dance Worlds! 

Summit Teams 2016-2017: Many of our teams traveled to the Dance Summit & the D2 Summit in Disney World 2017. All of these teams received bids during the 16-17 season.

Mini Pom, Youth Pom, Mini Hip Hop, & Youth Hip Hop. Youth Pom made it into finals 2017 and placed 5th!

Junior 2 Cheer Champions Pink Royalty & Senior 3 Blue Diamonds both received wild cards to the D2 Summit. S3 made it into the Wild Card round.

J2 placed 10th out of 83 J2 teams at the D2 Summit. we are proud of all the teams accomplishments and it was a year to remember! 

J2 Us Finals Champions 2017.

2015-2016 Teams attended the Dance Summit for the first time & Dance Worlds for the 2nd year. Youth Pom, Youth Hip Hop, Junior Hip Hop, & Senior Small Hip Hop.

Our First Senior Small Hip Hop team to get a Dance Worlds At large Bid in 2014-2015.